Top Health Benefits of Capoeira

For those of you who have tried Capoeira, you know that it’s not your typical workout!

Capoeira has many benefits, not just your physical and mental health. Here we’ve ranked the top 10 health benefits of practicing Capoeira:

  1. Reduce stress through physical activity, music, and laughter
  2. Find your strength and learn to move your own body weight
  3. Become more flexible as you push your limits each week
  4. Gain endurance and stamina through cardio training
  5. Improved overall fitness of mind and body
  6. Gain confidence because you will continue to improve each class
  7. Learn music: how to sing, play rhythms, tones and harmonies
  8. Meet new people who will be pursuing their own goals along side you. Build lasting friendships through the bond that forms.
  9. Learn a new language; all classes integrate Brazilian Portuguese through names of movements and songs
  10. Taste the colorful culture of Brazil!

We encourage people of all ages, body types and fitness levels to try Capoeira. Contact us today to schedule your first class!!


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